DSP Konsulenten offers consultancy services in the folloving areas:

  • System analysis: I/O use, load, timing, hardware interface etc. Real-time requirements must be proved at low-level.
  • Analysis, design, and implementation of classic and advanced signal processing.
  • Numerical and noise analysis of implementation.
  • Analysis, design, and implementation of system specific RTOS.
  • Effective assembly or ANSI C implementation.

DSP Konsulenten is highly dedicated to its projects and bases its work on a non-compromise attitude towards quality.

High quality of either complex or very basic design is possible only through thorough requirement analysis and design, not through long periods of trial & error testing. It often shows that too much time has to be spent on continuous tests and debugging in the last critical period of a project because the preparatory work was not done well enough. I believe that proper analysis is time saving and cost reducing when a given project is put on the right track from the beginning.

Feel free to contact DSP Konsulenten for an informal discussion of DSP problems and the solutions which DSP Konsulenten may provide.

When carrying out services, all immaterial rights (including source code) and full responsibility for further use of software are in general transferred to the customer upon payment of the last rate.

The consultancy fee is mainly based on an hourly rate. Combined with initial resource estimates and progress reports this provides the customer with close control of expenses.

A fixed price scheme is rarely used since this requires very detailed job specifications and interface documentation, which in most cases is not present at project start.

  • Human voice perception and psycho acoustics.
  • Sound improvements in voice over Bluetooth and other protocols prone to packet loss and bit errors.
  • Voice over IP and voice coders.
  • 3-phase measurement and motor control.
  • 3D sound technology.