Ericsson Diax A/S – Struer, Denmark

Various DSP software projects have been carried out for Ericsson Diax. The main areas being:

  • PSTN building blocks (DTMF transmitter, FSK transmitter, analog based inter-central signalling).
  • Performance analysis and optimisation of existing DSP software, production test measurement functions, and proprietary protocols.
  • Development of prototype software for new DSP platforms in the Mobile@Home project. This project is about telephony voice over Bluetooth.

" During the last years DSP Konsulenten has implemented a lot of DSP functionalities for Ericsson Diax A/S. Jon Halland is working very systematically and thoroughly with the tasks, and is always delivering high quality software. Jon Halland has the ability to study new standards, and to design and implement the functionality on a given DSP platform. "

Ebbe Kronborg
Manager, Core Software
Ericsson Diax A/S

Bang & Olufsen Telecom a/s – Struer, Denmark

For the DSP equipped base stations in Bang & Olufsen Telecom’s vide range of cordless (DECT/MARS) terminal equipment, DSP Konsulenten has been involved in:

  • Development of a small and efficient Real Time Operating System nick named ‘DSPeradOS’ for Analog Devices 21xx range of DSP’s. This project was carried out in very close co-operation with the DSP group at Bang & Olufsen Telecom – from requirement analysis to final implementation.
  • Dial tone detector for speed dial applications.
  • Redesign of alert signal and FSK receivers for Calling Line Identification.

" It’s easy to work with DSP Konsulenten. All agreements are keept regarding both deadlines and cost. Quality of work and technical skills are at a very high level. A thorough pre-study of design issues makes design and final algorithm/code robust and ready first time. All has been carefully tested and verified upon delivery. "

John Madsen
Technology Specialist, Digital Signal Processing
Bang & Olufsen Telecom a/s

1996 Jan. Graduated as B.Sc.E.E. from the Engineering College of Aarhus, Denmark.
1996 Jun. – Nov. R&D engineer, DEIF A/S, Skive, Denmark.
1996 Dec. R&D engineer, Bang & Olufsen Technology (now Bang & Olufsen Medicom) Struer, Denmark. Job function: various DSP software projects and medical DSP system design.
1997 Prior to establishing DSP Konsulenten: free-lance work on DSP projects for Ericsson Diax.
1998 Feb. DSP Konsulenten is founded.
1999 Jun. I leave my position at Bang & Olufsen Technology to work full-time in DSP Konsulenten. See Job References for a brief description of tasks accomplished.
2002 Feb. Associate Professor - part time, Ingineering College of Aarhus, Denmark. Teaching practical DSP implementation and supervising student projects.
2005 Jan. Due to moving to Glasgow, Scotland, I have put my position at the Ingineering College of Aarhus, on hold.